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Vocal Lessons In Center City Phila

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Vocal lessons at Bluebond Guitar’s Philadelphia music school are taught by some of the area’s expert voice coaches. Several of whom have over 10 years’ experience in the industry and are currently in live, touring bands. We teach all levels and ages of aspiring singers! From 6 year old children who dream of becoming the next Kelly Clarkson, to 25 year olds who have great voices but no professional training, up to 60 years olds who want to dust off their windpipes and show off their voice again. Talent has no age limits, but we can all get better with a little instruction.

Private lesson $30 per 1/2 hour lesson, paid monthly.

Vocal lessons in Philadelphia

Advanced Training

Once you have graduated from the beginner level, the real work begins! This is where we train our students for the professional stage. We will look to extend your range, strengthen your vocal cords, increase pitch accuracy, develop rich voice texture and a unique sound that will make you stand apart from the competition. Our professional voice coaches will also teach students microphone technique, as well as the melody, lyrics and structure of composing real songs.

Private vocal lessons

Individualized Voice Curriculum

All of Bluebond Guitars’ vocal lesson programs are geared specifically for each student. We understand there is no direct path to success and each student needs individualized attention. Our vocal coaches assess each student to see what level they are, as well as talk about the student’s long term goals. After the assessment, our voice teachers structure a curriculum based on what they’ve learned about the student. We have found this 1-on-1 method of assessing and teaching the most effective method in the industry.  Call today to schedule a voice lesson consultation at our location in Philadelphia, PA.

Private vocal lessons in Philadelphia


While we teach all levels and ages of aspiring singers, starting out at a young age is the best way to train, strengthen and perfect your voice. New students will start with the basics including exploring and understanding all major concepts and terminology. Once we have a solid understanding of terminology, we move on to basic vocal training: warm ups, breathing, posture, pitch and range. Voice lessons are packed from start-to-finish with training and exercises, but we encourage our students and family to practice at home! It is the only way to see real progress and improvement outside of the classroom. Students who stick to their lesson schedule and practice every chance they get have seen improvement in just a few weeks!

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