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At Bluebond Guitars’ of Philadelphia we offer full kit drum lessons, as well as hand percussion instruction, for musicians at any level and all ages! Drummers have, in many professional musicians’ opinion, the most important role in a band. The other musicians rely on the drummer to provide a strong beat that will keep the song together; therefore if the drummer is off beat it will lead the entire band astray. Taking on this important role takes a musician with impeccable hearing, a solid sense of rhythm and perfect timing. Of course, most of us are not born with these innate abilities, which is why you should enroll in Bluebond Guitars’ drum and percussion lessons at our Philadelphia studio! Our professional drum/percussion instructor has toured on four continents and boasts 10+ years of professional experience.

Beginners enrolled in Bluebond Guitars’ drum/percussion lessons will quickly learn the necessary vocabulary, patterns and techniques needed to back up a band. We will begin by focusing on building a solid foundation of basic skills. These basic skills include: (1) Ear training and pattern recognition, (2) How to properly (and comfortably) hold and control drumsticks, (3) How to play rhythms between the right and left hand clearly, and (4) Reading music.

Private lesson $30 per 1/2 hour lesson, paid monthly.

Drums & Percussion Lessons in Philadelphia


Private Lessons

After a few lessons (and much practice at home), we’ll move on to focus on rhythm, coordination and stick techniques, which lends itself to much more complex concepts like unison, 2 over 1, single stroke, four-way coordination and polyrhythms. Once students move out of beginner lessons and into more advanced training, we’ll start to focus on the musical genre they’re passionate about such as Jazz, Rock, Classic Rock, Reggae and more!  Our drum instructor can then begin to focus on long-term music goals and build a new curriculum around the students’ interests.


Student Bands

Best of all, since Bluebond Guitars’ drum lessons are taught in our Philadelphia studio location, you won’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on a drum set for your beginner. We have a complete drum set in-house that we set up specifically for the student before every session. Once the student progresses through the very beginning stages, we do recommend purchasing a drum set for at-home practice in order to grow and develop the skills they’re taught here.

Young Drummer

All Ages and Skill Level

At Bluebond Guitars’ we pride ourselves on our experienced instructors, personalized curriculum and 1-on-1 lessons. We are passionate about helping musicians at any level achieve their goals! Whether you are a beginner with no experience, or just want to brush up on your skills, we’ll build a lesson plan that fits your aspirations!

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