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Guitar Lessons In Center City

Guitar lessons in Philadelphia

Of all the various musical instrument and voice lessons we offer at Bluebond of Philadelphia, Guitar Lessons would have to be our specialty! All of our guitar teachers are lead guitar players in their own respective bands and bring this professional experience to each of our students. Furthermore, our professional guitar instructors are equipped with experience in all genres of music.

We use an individualized approach to guitar lessons, especially in the beginning stages. We find it is of the utmost importance for students to be interested in what they are learning. Before our students pick up their instrument, teachers will sit down and assess the students. This assessment is essential to the students’ growth as we will see what level they are starting at, what their goals are and come up with a lesson plan based on all of these elements combined. More importantly, during this assessment our teachers find out what the student is interested in playing. If the student is interested in the classics, we base our lesson plan around that types of music. Similarly, if the student is passionate about rock music, we base the curriculum around that genre. Our instructors are prepared to teach all genres from Rock to Jazz, Blues, Country, Folk and/or a combination!

Private lesson $30 per 1/2 hour lesson, paid monthly.

Learn to Play Guitar in The Rittenhouse Square area in Philadelphia, PA

Our main objective at Bluebond Guitars is to help musicians of all ages and skill levels achieve their individual music goals. Whether you have been out of the music world for a little while and want to get back into your passion, or your child has developed an interest in guitar and you want to help them develop, our passionate and dedicated teachers are here to help you grow and progress.

Private guitar lessons center city philadelphia
Guitar lessons


1524 Sansom St

Philadelphia Pa 19102



Opening Hours

Mon - Sat

12 pm - 8pm



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