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Rock School

Join one of the many programs Bluebond has to offer students.  From beginners to seasoned performers, we have something that will fit what you are looking for.

Private Music Lessons

Private lessons are $30 per half hour lesson.

Lessons are payable monthly.  We allow one cancellation credit per month when the month is paid in full.

To reserve your weekly time slot, students must be enrolled at minimum biweekly.  There is no enrollment period, you can start and stop any time you wish.

Band Programs

Band Programs are $250 per session.

Adults do not have to be enrolled in private lessons to participate in our Adult Band Program.

Band Programs are 10 weeks long.  Participants receive 10 band rehearsals, two private vocal or instrument coaching sessions and free tickets to the performance for friends and family.

Master Classes

Master Classes are group classes with some of Philadelphia's most accomplished musicians.  They are for advanced students looking to expand their musical knowledge.  The classes will be priced on an individual basis and will be advertised on our website.

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