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Bluebond Guitar Repair
Philadelphia Pa.

Guitar repairs are based in the foundational roots of Bluebond Guitars’ since our inception in 1989. When our Philadelphia guitar shop opened we strictly offered guitar repairs and custom builds and remained that way until 2005, when we expanded to offer lessons and a retail space. Still to this day we remain as one of the only guitar shops in Philadelphia to do our repairs in house. Our expert guitar repairmen, Mark and Rich, do all repairs in house, by hand and we will never send your guitar out to be fixed elsewhere. Bluebond Guitars’ offers a variety of large and small repairs for guitars and bass guitars, gear and electric equipment.

Guitar & Bass Guitar Repairs

Mark and Rich, our expert, in-house guitar repair specialists have experience fixing all kinds of damaged guitars. From simple maintenance like replacing the strings or stripped bolts, to patching holes and crack repairs, we’ve seen and fixed it all, by hand. We also have experience with heavy duty repairs and structural repairs. If you think your guitar is too far gone, come see us before you throw it away! Leave your beloved instrument with someone you can trust and people who care about it almost as much as you!

Besides guitar repair, Bluebond Guitars also offers basic and custom set up options. We will custom tune your guitar to specifically match your playing style! Set up includes, among other things, adjusting the truss rod, replacing the strings, adjusting the gap between the strings and frets, cleaning the frets and setting intonation. We will also add any customizations we’ve discussed during the guitar set up.

Expert Guitar & Bass Repair

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