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Adult Band Program & Music Lessons

Join As An Individual

Do you want to play in a band?  Are you having a hard time finding band mates, or tired of open mic nights?  Or maybe it's been years since you last played with other musicians.  We have the perfect situation for you.  We match up like minded musicians into bands.  Then you will rehearse one hour a week with your band and a Bluebond Band Coach.  If you need some help with something, you get 1 private lessons with one of our instructors.  After ten weeks, your band performs on our stage.  New sessions start every 5 weeks, so call today to get into your new Band!!

Adult band program

10 one hour band rehearsals with a coach
1/2 hour private coaching session

Adult Band


We are excited to add a new addition to our Music School. Bluebond Guitars now offers an Adult Band Program! Are you tired of trying to find bandmates? Do you wish you could play in a band again? This is the program for you! Adult students will meet for rehearsals once a week for 10 weeks. Along with a teacher, the band will choose a set list, learn the songs and at the end of the session they will Rock Out on our live stage! We have an amazing new venue onsite for all of our Adult Concerts. It’s time you get up on stage and live your dream.

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Join as a whole band

      Are you struggling to find the last member of your band?  Since the beginning of Bands, finding a Drummer or Bass player has been next to impossible.  Now you don't have to make your guitar player play bass, or practice to a drum machine!!

      Bluebond Guitars has the perfect program for your band.  Sign up with 3 members and one of our Coaches will play Drums or Bass.  We will provide the rehearsal space, and the backline.  Just bring your instruments, pedals and your songs! After 10 Rehearsals your band can play a show at our venue.  This is your chance to get that band you have been trying to put together up on stage.

Price: $20 per Member per 1 1/2 hour rehearsal

Call for more info 215-829-1690

Master Sessions with Philadelphia's
Best Musicians

As part of our adult music lessons, we are so excited to be offering a series of Master Classes. Some of the most talented and successful artists from our region will hold classes for you! The classes will feature a wide range of topics, musical genres and instruments. This will be your chance to learn from some of the best artists in the greater Philadelphia area. Classes will be limited in size to ensure every student gets one-on-one involvement & instruction. Please check our website for a schedule of events.

For more information on any of our adult music & instrument lessons, please call our studio. Visit our registration & policies page to learn how to sign up for classes, cancelation policy, payment and much more.

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